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Supplements designed specifically for women to Help Your Work Harder, Burn More, & Recover Faster


I decided to try out the StudioFit supplements after I've been taking the online classes for a month. They taste amazing! The preworkout sticks are my favorite because they give me a much needed boost before morning classes.

Megan T.

I've never taken any supplements, so I was overwhelmed when I started looking around. Luckily, I found StudioFit's Supplement Bundle. Having a high quality protein, multivitamin, omega-3, and preworkout makes a huge difference!

Jennifer H.

I've tried out so many different preworkouts and proteins, and I usually hate the effects or the flavor. This stuff not only tastes AMAZING, but also works super well. The preworkout helps me gather the energy needed to start my day.

Paula C.

Good things come to those who sweat.