StudioFit Nutrition Bundle
StudioFit Nutrition Bundle
StudioFit Nutrition Bundle

StudioFit Nutrition Bundle

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At StudioFit our goal is to make fitness and nutrition easier than ever. We’ve done the research for you! Don’t sweat finding exactly what  supplements you need – save your sweating for class. Every product in the our Nutrition Bundle plays a vital role in helping your body get the most out of every workout – from energy and recovery to healthy metabolism and overall wellness support. They work. They taste great. And what’s more – you get all of it with our special bundle pricing!

Essential Recovery Protein (Vanilla Cream) - 30 servings

Essential Recovery Protein contains 20 grams of high quality protein per serving to help repair and maintain lean muscle mass, including 5 grams of collagen to support bone, joint, and heart health as well as promote healthy skin, hair and nails. This blend of ingredients gives your body the nutritional boost it needs recover from any workout, plus it tastes amazing! Who knew something this healthy could taste so good?

Daily Multivitamin + Greens (Orange Citrus) - 30 servings

StudioFit Daily Multivitamin + Greens is the easiest and best tasting way to ensure you are covering all your micronutrient needs. Each stick provides a full daily serving of essential vitamins and minerals + a shot of greens and super fruits. Directions: tear open a stick and add to 6-8 oz of water, shake or stir, and enjoy. Take anytime on its own, or add to any smoothie or shake.

OmegaBurn (Fish Oil Softgels Flavorless) - 30 servings

OmegaBurn features a special combination of MCT Oil, L-Carnitine, and healthy Omegas that will support your hardworking active lifestyle.

OmegaBurn Complex: Fish Oil, L-Carnitine, Flaxseed Oil, MCT Oil, EPA, DHA, Conjugated linoleic acid

Essential Energy Sticks (Strawberry Lime) - 30 servings

StudioFit Essential Energy Sticks provide the perfect blend of Energy and Focus you need to be at your best. Just open the stick and pour directly into your mouth, just like a pixie stick. Directions: Take one stick 15 minutes before crushing a workout, to beat afternoon sleepiness, or anytime you need an extra boost. Best of all, NO Crash and NO Jitters!